Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting the BUGS Out - 4 Week Plan

So I finally checked my calendar, and we have 4 weeks before our Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.

I thought I would be "super organized" and plan out all four weeks NOW.  So unlike me.  Hopefully my early preparation will help you, too, should you decide to work on the BUGS in your Program songs.
Week 1:
(Really week 2, since we worked on it last Sunday, but I don't want to veer off my 4-Week Plan, so as not to confuse myself.)

Spin-the-Human (again) to finish up our initial BUG testing.  I am going to focus on getting through every song.  I will continue to use my Big Bug pictures and my ratings system from last week.

To add some incentive, I am going to tell the children that IF they work really hard all 4 weeks, and perform amazingly well, we will have a BUG Celebration in Primary after the program.

Something along these lines (found here):
(We could even use the pre-packaged lunch-size pudding cups, remove the peel-away top, and just put a spoonful of crushed Oreos and a gummy bug or two on top...)

Or these (found here):
I'm going to keep my eye out for gummy bugs rather than worms... but if worms are all I can find, I'm sure the kids will still be thrilled.

For whatever reason, kids behave/perform better if they have a reward at the end (don't we all).


I figure that if any week is going to be more on the "fun" side (vs the down-and-dirty-meticulous-refining side), it had better be now, since the following two weeks need to have complete focus (and we will most likely be running through the full program each Sunday anyway).
We are going to play WHACK-A-BUG (idea from here).  I am going to cut out smaller versions of my bugs (pdf here) - each with a corresponding program song -  and tape them to small-ish balloons, putting them all in a black trash bag.  I will choose a helper who will reach into the bag and pull out a balloon.  We will sing the selected song, and if the Bug Expert (I may ask a special guest - like the Bishop - to be the "expert") determines the song to be Bug Free, the helper will get to WHACK the bug with a fly swatter, thumbtack attached.  If the song still has some obvious bugs, it goes back into the bag.


Because we have three wards that meet in our building, we are not able to practice for the program in the chapel.  IF I have a regular Singing Time (doubtful, but I'm waiting to hear from the Presidency what the plans are), I am going to do the review activity found here.  Should we be running through the program in it's entirety, I'm going to save this activity for Primary the week OF the program as part of our BUG Celebration.

WEEK 4: 
(and 3, IF we are running through the whole program the entire time we're in Primary both weeks):

I plan to have adult helpers (teachers maybe?) help me find children doing their absolute best.  I will have bug stickers and tell the kids that if they get a sticker,
they've been caught: 


I figure it's a low-key, non-disruptive way to still give encouragement and motivation on our final practice(s).

Program Week:

BUG Celebration!
If I was able to do the Week 3 activity on Week 3, I hope to make a new Punch Board Game (I'm still sad that my other one was ruined in the flood) - something along the lines of "Don't BUG me, I'm SINGING."  I will probably put some fun songs, fun ways to sing, and "choose your favorite" tags, along with some plastic bugs, behind the punches.  (I will post pics when/if I get it done.)

Then the kids can enjoy their cupcake or pudding cup.

Oh yeah, a plan feels so good.

A little FYI:  While glancing through a couple of Singing Time blogs yesterday, I came across a link for an arrangement of Stand for the Right/Dare to Do Right.  I would like give the link to the blog I found the info on, but can't find it again today :-( 

Since my Primary has learned both songs, I think I'm going to try this arrangement for the program.  You can check it out here.  I think I'm also going to use the slow accompaniment for the 3rd verse of Nephi's Courage.  A huge THANK YOU to Susan for sharing her talent!


  1. Hooray!!! I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with something fun to do to review all our primary songs. I am going to use this "bug" theme. It is going to be a hit!! :)

  2. I did your 4 week plan, last sunday was the last time. I took the whole hour and kids sang through each song earning an ingredient for the dirt cups. Count out the pudding cups, take off the lid, smash the cookies, insert the spoon etc. It turned out wonderful. I'm so grateful for this blog!