Monday, April 30, 2012

Spin the Human

Yesterday I was in desperate need of something quick and easy to do for Singing Time.  I had spent so much time over the week working on Nursery singing aids, I didn't have much ready for Primary.  I decided to play Spin the Human, since it had been a good 6 months or so since we had played it.  I probably found the idea on Sugardoodle (or on another blog??), but don't have time to find the exact link.  It's super easy, quick to get together, and fun for the kids.

I brought my old computer chair.  It is not pretty.  But it spins.
And is fairly lightweight, making transport manageable.

I wrote the following on the back of different colored pieces of 8-1/2 x 11 pieces of paper (I won't mention that I actually wrote them in Sacrament Meeting... while attentively listening to the speakers, of course!):

Your class gets to help with the actions to a Mother's Day version of Popcorn Popping! (You can check out the words and actions for this fun song here - sent to me by a friend.  I'm not sure if she made them up or found them elsewhere... I just can't take credit!)

Girls ONLY sing the 4th verse to I Feel My Savior's Love

Turn around in a circle every time we sing the word "Mother" in  Mother, Tell Me the Story

Boys ONLY sing the 1st verse to I Feel My Savior's Love

Your class gets to sing the song Smiles while doing the actions, then lead the Primary in singing it.

Choose a Do As I'm Doing action (or come up with your own).  Lead the Primary in singing while doing the actions.

Stand on one foot while singing the song Mother, Tell Me the Story

Place the papers evenly around the chair, word-side down.

The game is simple.  Choose a helper.  Have him/her sit on the chair with feet together, legs off the floor (the "pointer").  Spin the chair (I always ask if they would like a fast or slow spin... most want fast).  Whatever paper they land on determines the song/activity.  I remove the papers as we do them, then just tell the kids to pick whatever paper is closest to them once they stop IF they don't happen to land directly on one.

I love easy.  The kids love getting a chance to spin.  Perfect.

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