Friday, September 7, 2012

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam - Nursery

I made these for the Nursery last week... I have found that the kids love to each hold something when we sing.

 (front view - I just noticed the jagged bottom of the paint stick - I will be smoothing that out a bit)

(back view)

I also thought these might curb the jumping that seems to be naturally inherent with this song in Nursery.
You can access the link to make them here.

(Sorry, guys... I somehow must have deleted this file from my drive :(  My computer had to have an overhaul, and in my attempt to organize my files I have somehow lost this one. I'm sure I got most of the pictures I used on this by searching google images... I believe the sunbeam pic was a PNG. I hope that helps! Again, my apologies!)


  1. I've been using these in the nursery, and they LOVE them.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas.

  2. The link to print these is broken. Do you still have access to this? I would love to make these for Nursery.

    1. Hi Darcy! I'm not sure what happened to this file :( I searched for it on my computer and in my drive and cannot find it anywhere. I've unlinked it and made a note in the post. So sorry!