Saturday, February 18, 2012

Choose the Right

I'm back!  I survived three weddings (two of my own children, and a nephew) and an open house in just over 6 weeks!  It was amazing to attend two own-endowment sessions and three sealing ordinances in three different temples.  Six short weeks.  I am so grateful for the good choices that were made to realize the goal of temple marriage by all three beautiful couples...
which makes teaching this song to the Primary children even more meaningful to me right now.

I made a flip chart for Choose the Right, verses 1 and 3.  I plan to have a class or small group sing the second verse for the Primary program at the end of the year.  How's that for early planning?  Truthfully, I thought those two verses were a little easier to explain, and are positive and uplifting.  Not that I think verse two isn't... just an executive decision (without the executives -- the Primary Presidency).  Besides, I'm starting a little late.  Not to mention a Presidency member called me today to ask if we could sing Nephi's Courage during Sharing Time.  I'm not sure the Primary kids (esp. the Junior Primary) know that song, so I need to whip together another flip chart tonight -- which will only put me ahead in June, right?  That's what I keep telling myself :-)

Here's the link to the flip chart:

Choose the Right, verses 1 & 3

I think I might use some form of the footstep idea found here to aid in teaching... I'm just not sure that all the kids can see the footsteps if they are on the floor (our Primary is so big right now, I'm not sure some of the kids can see a flip chart held high in the air -- our side-to-side range has a big spread; I predict a ward split in the near future), so I am trying to figure out a way to incorporate my flip chart AND the footstep game...  wish me luck!

I forgot to mention that the font I used in the flip chart would NOT do apostrophes, so rather than change it, I figured I would just write them in.

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