Sunday, January 22, 2012

As a Child of God - verses 2 & 3

I am growing to love the late church schedule!  Instead of scrambling around in a state of desperation on Sunday morning, I have a few minutes to pull myself (and my Singing Time plans) together.  Love. It.

This morning I finished up the choosing game (Door #1 or Door #2), and added pictures for verses 2 and 3.  I am going to hunt down a couple of sticks.... or poles.... or something, tie a string on both ends, and clothespin our pictures to it as we play our game and sing.

Here is the link to the complete set of pictures:

As a Child of God Choosing Game

I will be gone for the next two weeks (eek! the wedding is soooooo close), and the following week will be crazy, too, with the open house the evening before and a Sunday morning of good-byes (my daughter and son-in-law will be driving back to UT, his family will be flying, necessitating our chauffeur services to the airport that morning).  I will feel lucky if I'm {coherent} for Singing Time that week!  It's a good thing children are tolerant and easily entreated ;-)


  1. Where do you get all of your pictures from? I have been searchng everywhere and yours just seem to help. This is the first time I have ever had this calling - I did fill in a couple of times, but wow - it can sometimes be overwhelming. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and help ideas. I truely do appreciate it.

  2. I try to get most of my pictures from either the church website (they are easier to access if you go to the "Classic" site), from the church magazines, the clipart on (which I believe has all been taken from past church magazines), and from my standard microsoft clipart (mainly the pictures of specific things like a lightbulb, the sun, a house, etc.) Hope that helps!!