Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Praise to the Man Mini (vs. 3)

I have NOT taught verse 3 of Praise to the Man to the whole Primary.  I decided months back that I would save that verse for those older boys to learn right before the Sacrament Meeting Program.

 That time would be now.

This Sunday I will have both Singing and Sharing Time to work on our songs, during which time I plan to throw in verse 3.  I have confidence that those boys will pick it up in no time.

But, of course, a mini songbook won't hurt.
I made two pages to save paper... if both pages are printed, it makes 3 mini songbooks.  I didn't include the first verse OR the chorus, because they already know that super well.  Nice.  I left a little space on the left-hand side to staple.  Simple, quick, and easy, thanks to this flip chart from The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister.

Here's the link for the PDF, in case you're interested:

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  1. I did this today in singing time, it was a big hit! The boys loved it, and the girls were kind of jealous, lol. I had everyone join it for the chorus and it sounded awesome. Thank you !!