Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Lord Gave Me a Temple

When I was called as a Primary chorister, one of the things I felt was important in my calling was to help the children understand what they were singing.  I've had a few a-ha moments as an adult when it suddenly occurred to me "Oh, THAT'S what that Primary song meant."  For example, I clearly remember singing, "Teach me all that I'm a stew..." while singing I Am a Child of God.  I had no idea why I was singing about being a stew!  My niece used to sing, "For the temple is a house of God, a place of Sleeping Beauty..."  I know, it's cute.

But I want the songs to mean more than just a rote memorization of random words and sounds.  I really try to explain the meaning of the songs to the children while we are learning them, hoping some of it sinks in (despite the occasion blank stare... or worse yet, a complete lack of attention).

With that said, I made a flip chart a few weeks back for the song The Lord Gave Me a Temple.  The pictures were simple, and focused primarily on bodies (to help the kids with the body/temple connection), but I have found that the kids have struggled a little bit while learning it -- part of the problem possibly being not enough pictures for the children who aren't reading yet.  So, even though we've been singing the song for a good four weeks now, I felt the need to make a more detailed flip chart, since long weeks of practicing for the program are still ahead.  Not to mention just wanting the kids to remember the song
for those times in their lives where a little reminder about
who they are, 
where they came from, 
and what their standards are
might be helpful.

I just finished putting it together today (for the sub, since I will be out of town), and thought I would share.  Most likely it will not be widely useful so late in the game, but isn't a blog forever?  Maybe it will come in handy to someone, somewhere, sometime down the road :-)

Here's the link for the updated flip chart:

The Lord Gave Me a Temple

Note: I've had several requests for the pictures in the flip chart for use with the UNO game... I've added them at the bottom of the flip chart. You're welcome ;-)


  1. Love these flip charts. They truly illustrate the message and spirit of the song.

  2. Love these flip charts. They truly illustrate the message and spirit of the song.

  3. I just got called as a Primary Chorister and the kids haven't learned this song yet, so I am really grateful for the flipchart. I particularly appreciate the fact that you used high quality images--most of which come from church sources and which really emphasize the meaning of the words. There are lots of flipcharts out there, but I really dislike most of them because they are kind of "cobbled together" if you know what I mean. Thanks again for sharing such high quality work!