Monday, August 29, 2011

Stump the Primary

A mix of probably a half-dozen ideas from others, squished together and simplified.

I am a simple gal, after all.  I don't do well with scripts or long, detailed directions for games.  So I glean what I can, adjust for the needs of my Primary, quickly (like a tornado) gather any needed props, and pray, pray, pray that it makes sense to those awesome Primary kids.

{A fun(ny) note from yesterday:  The cute 6-year-old girl giving the opening prayer asked that we would 1) have fun/a great time - at least three times, and 2) that we wouldn't fight, get angry with our teachers, whine, cry, or complain.  ;-)  I tried my best to help them have fun and keep the fighting to a minimum.}

Stump the Primary

I made CARDS with questions on the back about the programs songs.  Our Primary could really use some practice reviewing PLUS I really wanted to start teaching Hum Your Favorite Hymn (and I decided to introduce it in Junior Primary, too).

Then I threw some dress-up type items in a large bag.  Things like:

goofy glasses
a jester's hat
a neck pillow
a lei
a flower hair clip
a tie
a Happy New Year crown
a camo hat
a sombrero
a bandana
a winter scarf

Here's how we played:

Each class had a turn.  The selected teacher would send a child to the front to choose a card (face-down on a table, of course).  I would read the question, and the child could answer.  If he/she couldn't answer it on their own, they could ask their class for help, however teachers were NOT allowed to help.  IF the class could answer correctly, the child could choose something from the bag for me to wear for the rest of Singing Time.  IF I "stumped" them, the child would choose an item for their teacher to wear.

{I give some pretty helpful hints along the way, especially to those Junior Primary kids.}

Then we sang the song.  Simple.  Easy.  But effective.
I ended up wearing only 2 items in Junior, and 4 in Senior.  The kids thought it was hilarious.

We didn't make it through all the classes, though, and I will be out of town next Sunday.  I would like to have the sub continue with the game, but will need to put together a few more questions.  Not to mention our ward is having a special adult meeting the third hour (about the campaign... do you have a profile yet?), so the YW will be taking over the Primary.  We may need to continue the game in a couple of weeks.  Either way, the kids enjoyed it, and we got some serious practice PLUS a song introduction in.

Can't beat that with a stick.


  1. Could you post your questions you used for the game? Or email me at I am a newly called choirster and am having trouble getting the children to sing out. Our program is in 6 weeks! Help! Thanks

  2. Karen,

    You can click on the word CARDS and hopefully that will pull up the questions. I will also send you a quick email, just in case it doesn't :-) I REALLY don't know much about linking things through a blog.