Wednesday, August 30, 2017

1 Nephi 8

I think I'll primarily (haha) just drop my seminary stuff here. No long explanation, just ideas I've used in teaching a particular lesson.  Some of them I've found elsewhere, then maybe tweaked a bit. I will try to acknowledge any sites I use for ideas (still just recycling, repurposing, and reusing).

Today was 1 Nephi 8.

I had a couple of the kids draw on the whiteboard as we read - it turned out to be really great!

I after we went through the basic parts of Lehi's vision, I split them into groups of three and gave them each a symbol to find what it represents. You can find the assignments here.

Then I handed out post-it notes for them to put in their scriptures to help remind them what we came up with. I found a super easy way to print post-it notes here.
You can access the post-it note document here.

I made this glue-in (for journals) at the beginning my lesson preparation yesterday, but we didn't get around to using it today. I may take a few minutes tomorrow to expound a bit and wrap up a few things that I think are important to point out.

That's all I got for today... on to tomorrow's lesson!

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