Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Door #1 or Door #2

I got this idea from here -- it worked great in both Jr. and Sr. Primary, and since Mormon Mama gave me fair warning, I was prepared to keep the Sr. Primary in check should things get a little rowdy.

I tweaked it a little, and called our game Door #1 or Door #2.
I printed my two doors (find the link here), then taped them on the front of two file folders.

Then I printed out the choices for the first verse of the song:

Earth / Saturn
power to choose / no power to choose
Good choices / Bad choices
family / snowman
child of God / sports hero
special light / loud applause
Holy Ghost / television
know what is right / play the piano

You can access the link to the pictures I used here.

I wrote the words to the song on the whiteboard, leaving blanks (a square the size of the picture) where a helper would need to choose a door for our missing words.

I told the children that choosing a door is a game of chance -- there really can't be a right or wrong choice.  However, they could choose if what was behind the door was right or wrong.  Once the child helping decided if his/her door selection was the right or wrong words to our song, I had the rest of the Primary give a thumbs up or thumbs down if they agreed/disagreed.  It seem to work well, and kept everyone participating in some way, even if it was small.

Once the correct selection was made and agreed upon, the picture was taped to the corresponding blank square on the board, and we would sing the song through to that point before moving to the next blank.

The kids liked the game so much, I am going to try to do the same thing with the next two verses.  As the children begin to learn the words better, I plan to use the pictures (the right pictures) as prompts (taped on the whiteboard OR pinned to a "clothesline"), then we can start removing them one by one as they memorize the song.


  1. I love this idea, thanks for posting. With such a long month of singing, this is a creative way to do it.

  2. I did this on Sunday and it was a huge it, thank you so much for putting it together and sharing it. Thank you Thank you!

  3. I have made all the visuals but do not understand how you put them into the folders. Do they all go into two folders or do you have two folders for each set. Please explain. Thank you