Thursday, August 4, 2011


When I was first called to be the Primary Chorister a few months back, I felt completely out of my element.  I had done it 16 years earlier, in a much smaller primary, when I had three very young children.  It was time-consuming and overwhelming then, too, but I eventually felt comfortable, and made it through ONE Primary program before being released.

I am NOT what you would call "musical."  I had piano lessons for maybe a total of 2 years, and sang with my junior high school choir for 3 years.  When I tried out for choir my junior year in high school, I didn't make the cut (which is totally embarrassing when what seemed like 500 kids were in the multiple school choirs).

When I was called to be the Primary Chorister the first time, I pulled out the hymn book and studied how to lead from the instructions in the back.  Since then I have served as the Ward Music Chairperson TWICE.  It is the calling I feel the least competent in, and with which I struggle the most.  Primary's not so bad.

With that lengthy introduction, I will proceed to share what I am doing/have done to make Primary music an uplifting and enjoyable experience.  I will be honest with my successes AND failures (I am still trying to figure out how to keep the attention of the junior Primary kids!).  All posts will be strictly opinion-based, and are not necessarily the views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for which I serve.  In my short stint so far, I have had the opportunity to reap the blessings of being with the children in our ward.  They are awesome.  I love the Primary songs, and have remembered many from my own Primary days, which were long enough ago to be midweek, for goodness sake.  I am grateful for the wonderful resources available to us through technology-- it makes it much easier than it was years ago-- and I truly appreciate others who have diligently posted their thoughts and ideas for years as they have served in this calling.  Thank you!

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