Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Post-it Notes: one of my favorite things + Matthew 11:28-30.

Obviously the seminary life leaves little time for blogging ideas to share... and there is a fantastic Facebook page for seminary teachers with a plethora of helps and ideas (I use it fairly regularly). Not to mention I think most people have moved away from reading blogs... the quick social media updates are sufficient, I guess.


a new seminary year has begun, and I wanted to share one of my favorite tools I use in class:


I know this isn't my original idea, but I made the template myself and have used it over and over and over. I hope to share a few of the post-it's I've made over the past couple of years... eventually. I only have the time tonight for a couple, but {hopefully} more will be coming.

Here is what my blank template looks like for 3x3" post-it notes:

You can access the file for it here. 

You will want print a few pages of the blank template for printing your post-its. **Make sure you don't use the "fit to page" tab when printing, and that you have the scale at 100%** I have 21 kids in my class, so I print 4 pages of post-its when I make them hand out. I re-use these blank pages over and over.

When I want to make a new post-it, I ALWAYS make a COPY of my blank template before filling it in with my picture/quote/scripture reference/definitions/etc., so I don't have to reinvent a template every time. Hopefully that makes sense :-) I use PowerPoint... and an old version of it, so I'm not sure it will be helpful to explain my process. I love PPT because you can easily manipulate where you want words, their font & size, and you can add pictures over or under the text. I don't really use it as it was intended... for slide presentations.

Here is an example of what it looks like when I've finished my text for the post-its:

You can access the template for this post-it here. 
Because I was low on printer ink, I printed these in black and white, and they still turned out awesome.

Once I print them, I keep them on the blank template, put them on a clipboard, and pass them around to the class. They each take one and pop it in their scriptures or study journal.

I love them and the students love them. 

I've added a "Post-it's" PAGE and will put links to all of my templates there. xoxo

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