Monday, February 12, 2018

Lesson 107; Helaman 3-4 +Valentines Day

I am the first to admit I am soooooo inconsistent when it comes to keeping up with this blog. I had every good intention to post many of the things I do for my Seminary class, not only to pass them along to others who may be looking for some tiny bit of inspiration (because sometimes that's what gets personal revelation flowing), but for my own future use should I need it. (I can't tell you how many Seminary teachers I know that are on a second round of 4 years... or more.)

Needless to say, Seminary is keeping me BUSY, and I don't have much time for 'splainin' why I'm not consistent. Haha.

My class loves post-it notes. 
I've discovered a simple way to make them (I shared the link to the how-to a couple of posts back). I've included here the link to a blank page + a link to a printed page that goes with this particular lesson (#107!!). I print 3 blank sheets out, then reuse them until they get too old to go through my printer well. I then tack blank post-it notes to the blank sheets, then print the printed sheet on top. Ta-da! I put the full sheets of printed post-its on a clipboard, then just pass it out in class and each student takes one and pops it into their scriptures. I can then re-use the blank pages.

Blank Post-it template HERE

Helaman 3 Post-it notes HERE

*Note: I believe you need to make sure the "fit to page" is OFF when you print these from a pdf. I will test... as soon as I can haha.

And since I'm giving this lesson tomorrow (and tying it into Mardi Gras... SO much going on!), and since I already made this handout for my Visiting Teaching friends, and since it fits perfectly with the quote I used on my post-it, and since it's the day before Valentines Day, I'm throwing this in for fun:

I call these "glue-ins"... my students can use a glue-stick and glue along the back of the left edge, then carefully add it into their scriptures or Study Journals. My team teacher and I gave each student a paper copy of the Book of Mormon this year, lest you worry that we are encouraging them to do too many crazy things (like glue-ins) in their expensive scriptures (although I have every intention of marking up/post-it noting/using glue-ins in the next set I get!)

VALENTINE printable link HERE

If I have a few extra minutes tomorrow (hahahaha), I'll explain how I'm tying Mardi Gras to Helaman 3-4, and Lent to Helaman 5. Not my own original idea, I'll admit, but it's awesome.  That's why I'm so grateful for other seasoned teachers who share their great ideas!

**Visiting Teaching BONUS... here's the link to my VT handout, which is similar to the one above, but with an additional scripture that went along with the bread and jam I gave with it :-) I'm seriously over-achieving this week (and I don't mean that in a good way haha)!

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