Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Bells

Shake, Rattle, and Roll worked like a charm last week.

I skipped out of church a little early to go to our local YSA ward to hear my daughter speak, so I asked one of my tried-and-true subs to fill in for Sr. Primary the third hour.

Later that day she texted, "You are a singing time genius!! So fun!! So creative!"

Not my idea, but I'm glad it worked as well for her as it did for me in Jr.

Here is my box:

(I discovered while searching for wrapping paper that I only had three rolls, two of which were a homespun-kraft-paper type.  I haven't purchased wrapping paper for a good 3 years, determined to use up the myriad of rolls I had collected over the past 20 years.  I guess it's finally time to purchase a few more.)

I took a basic Kleenex tissue box, trimmed off the plastic stuff covering the cut-out in the center of the box, extended the length of the hole a bit (trying to make it as child-user-friendly as possible), then wrapped it up.  I had some thick grosgrain ribbon left over from another project, and even though it wasn't the red or green I had hoped for, it still worked like a charm.  Besides, I'm not sure kids notice that kind of stuff.

I cut slits on each side at the back of the box and threaded the ribbon through.  I did some extra taping in an effort to make my flimsy box more durable and able to withstand some serious bouncing around.

The box still looked a bit bland, so I added the gold bow down the center, hoping that it wouldn't make the game too difficult.  (After seeing the first helper go at it, I was glad for the extra "challenge.")

I had plenty of bells left over in my Christmas stash (have I ever told you I am a reformed crafter??).  I think I put in a total of 22 or so.

I tied the box to the chosen helper (I still love those choosing sticks!), with the box on his back.  While we sang the song Christmas Bells, the helper had to bounce and wiggle around to see how many bells he/she could get to come out.  My first 6-year-old helper got 19!

From what I hear, the Sr. Primary loved the game just as much.  I promised the kids I would bring it again this Sunday.  Love that.

As Amanda mentioned, you could totally use this activity in Singing Time any time of the year.  You could use different objects - she had mentioned golf balls (they might destroy the box, but you could test it at home first), cotton balls, plastic bugs, wrapped candy...

I also key-changed the song, since it's {way} too high for me.  I love the functionality of the Church website!!

On a sad-ish happy-ish note, I have been extended a release from my calling as the Primary Chorister.  I am ready for it, but I will miss it as well.  I will be finishing out the year, then handing it off to the new Chorister.  She is nervous (I was too).  She doesn't feel like she's very musical (I felt that way too).  
She will do an awesome job.

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  1. I did this activity yesterday. I'm in Switzerland and our language is German, and unfortunately, that song isn't in the German song book, so we just sang random Christmas songs. The kids LOVED this, and it made me exhausted, just watching them jump up and down. Our big winner? A little 4 year old that got 50 out. Admittedly, it somehow tipped upside down for her.

    We had a contest between the JR and SR primary and the junior won, which devastated the senior primary. Too funny. This will be used again.

    Seriously, I was so tired at the end! So funny.