Sunday, October 28, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted, mostly due to our CSMP practices/performance/after-party, General Conference, Fall Break, and Stake Conference.  Despite my seemingly long hiatus, I was not as "put together" as I would have liked this morning.  I spent too much time creating a flip chart that I couldn't quite finish (watch for it - I will post it this week), which meant I had little-to-no time for actual Singing Time preparation.  Why do I do that to myself??

After a prayer for inspiration, I had a thought.

Our Primary has been asked to sing in Sacrament Meeting on Nov. 18th.  Initially my plan was to have them sing Life Is O'erflowing with Beautiful Things, since we've been working on it here and there.  I made the flip chart for My Heavenly Father Loves Me a few weeks back, and we learned Can a Little Child Like Me? last year... all of which would be appropriate and lovely for a Thanksgiving-themed special musical number in Sacrament Meeting.

The thought:  let the kids VOTE.

With all the hoopla that's been going on the past few months around the Presidential election (living in Colorado, we've had a LARGER-THAN-NORMAL dose this year), I thought the kids might like to have their own opportunity to cast a vote.  To let their voices be heard.

We sang through all three songs, then took a vote by raise of hands to see what song would be selected.

The winner:

After tallying up both Jr. and Sr. Primaries, My Heavenly Father Loves Me won by 4 votes.

I took along Bubblegum Bessie, and she helped us run through the children's selection again.

Easy.  Fun.  Perfect for today.

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