Monday, September 24, 2012

Elmer the Elephant Conductor

Because I've had a couple of questions about Elmer (referenced here), I thought I would quickly post about him.

Like I had mentioned, I did not make Elmer.  He was an exchange from a FHE group of young mothers I was a part of over 20 years ago.  He was well-made and durable, evidenced by his longevity. {Love that.}
 (front view)

(back view)

The questions I received were concerning how I use him.  He was intended to be a music conductor - you (or a helper) put your arm into the long sock, and then, while holding the poster, lead the music.  I have used him in Jr. and Sr. Primary, and the Nursery.  I have found that even the older kids get a kick out him (and usually beg to be the helper).

I recently took him into the Nursery for Singing Time and discovered that he is just as well-loved as ever.  I will usually "introduce" him to the kids and shake each of their hands with his trunk.  It's super fun to watch how those little Nursery kids respond... some are a little nervous (they seem to not make the connection that it's your arm in his trunk), and some can't wait to touch him and shake his "trunk."

If something ever happened to him, I would definitely invest the time and effort to replace him, he has been that valuable.

Happy Singing Time,

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  1. Thank you for responding in this post! He was so darn cute but I lack the creativity to think up for myself how to use him. I got a good laugh about the nursery, I think this will help give me the incentive to tackle teaching the nursery for the first time (this is my second week in this calling and your blog has been phenomenal in helping me overcome my intense fear of accepting this calling). Thank you so much for all your help and willingness to share Tina!