Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To Be a Pioneer

As I was looking through my files, I ran across a flip chart I made last year for To Be a Pioneer.

You can access it here.

Then I remembered this little guy:

Have I mentioned how I love a good multi-purpose visual aid?  I was grateful for the additional "help" in Primary last week (and this week).

My mantra:  re-purpose, re-cycle, re-use.

Last week I just had the kids toss a ball into his mouth... this week I think I'll make popcorn; then make baggies of popcorn for each of the children to take home.  When I pass out treats to the kids (I think I've done it twice in the past year), I hand them out AFTER church is over, telling the Jr. Primary kids to stop back by the Primary Room on their way out.  It works out great because I don't have to feel guilty about giving them something that is disruptive to Sharing Time and classes, and I get to see them all again before they head home.

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  1. I've been reading and using your blog ideas for a while now, and I just realized that you are in my brother's ward! (Zach Anderson) I was visiting last Sunday and wanted to sit in on another chorister's Singing Time (sorry for the crazy baby in the back!) so when I looked at your blog today and saw Big Voice Robby I figured it had to be the same one! You do a great job! Thanks for letting us knock off your creativity!