Monday, July 30, 2012

Simplified Olympics Singing Review

Yesterday I did THREE separate Singing Times - something I'd rather not repeat!  Even with some decent prep throughout the week, I was still scrambling as I headed out the door, hoping I had remembered everything.  The Junior Primary still needed to finish their Pioneer Trek, the Senior had finished it last week, and then I had Nursery to finish up the block.

Thanks to a plethora of Olympic ideas from many other blogs (hereherehere, and here), I was able to pull something {simple} and fun together for the Senior Primary, which we will finish up with this upcoming week.  I plan to cut it down even more for Junior Primary (only 4 events), so we can get through it in ONE Singing Time and get everyone back on the same schedule.

(Printouts of the Olympic pictograms I used here.  I just taped them to the white board with the pictogram on front, song and activity written on the back.)


The Wise Man and the Foolish Man (EQUESTRIAN) 
choose a word or two to "jump" over (skip) while singing

Nephi's Courage (VOLLEYBALL)
I printed out a volleyball, put it on a paint stick,  and divided the Primary in half with an imaginary "net" down the middle.  As I moved the ball from one side to the other, the kids would sing when the ball was in their court.

I taught the kids this song in ASL - a great review

Choose the Right (BASKETBALL)
We didn't get to this one yesterday, but I have a soft mini basketball (I thought of bringing a regular ball, but worried that someone might get hit in the head with it), and I will divide the Primary into 4 groups, then have one group start the song, and then with each phrase of the verse, have them pass it to another group, with everyone joining in for the chorus (as a "team").

As a Child of God (SWIMMING - 400 IM)
For each of the three verses the kids would do a different swim stroke (Fly, Back, Breast), and we would all Freestyle the chorus.

Stand for the Right (WEIGHTLIFTING)
I gave the children the option to curl or press their scriptures, OR they could challenge themselves with placing their scriptures on the palm of their hand with their arm outstretched for the duration of the song (which turned out to be pretty easy, since it's a short song.  If we have time to review again this week, I might make them sing it through a couple more times).

Dare to Do Right (CYCLING)
We didn't get to this one either, but I just plan to have the kids stay in their seats and cycle their legs while singing the song.

Hum Your Favorite Hymn (MARATHON)
Sing each verse using only one breath.  The first time through it was impossible, so our pianist sped it up for the second verse, which worked perfectly.

I had printed out a few of the medals found here, and had our Primary Secretary (who just happened to be the one available), determine if the singing was worthy of a gold, silver, or bronze medal.  She was great, as the kids were a little rowdy the first two events, and she gave them bronze medals because the start and finish needed some work ;-)  I told them if we have time this upcoming week, they may get a second chance at gold on the songs (and behavior) that still need some work.

I promised them a medal ceremony this upcoming week - if I can get it together I'm going to make the awards found here.  If not, I will compensate with something even simpler, determined in a moment of desperation (when I do my best creative substitution thinking).

Again, a HUGE thank you for all the great ideas to glean from - they totally saved my bacon!

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