Friday, June 8, 2012

Dare to Do Right

Last week I sat down and revised my Singing Time schedule for the year.  I carefully reviewed what I had originally planned before our ward split, and made a few minor changes.  One of the songs I was prompted to add is Dare to Do Right.

I printed off copies of the new schedule, added mine to my binder, and neatly tucked my pianist's copy in the pocket so I could give it to her at church.  On Sunday, we had one of the counselors of our bishopric come in for Opening Exercises to talk to the children.  He asked them if they knew the song Dare to Do Right, since it was one of his favorites.

Nope, they didn't... but they will!!  

That only (re)confirmed to me that the Lord guides us and supports us in our callings, especially when we seek his help.

I have started working on how I plan to teach the song to the children.  I thought about making a flip chart, but thought I would glance through this book for other ideas.

The chorister before me had purchased it, and kindly passed it along when I was called.  It has a myriad of ideas for teaching every song in the Children's Songbook, and is a great resource.

It has a great story by Elder Rex D. Pinegar to share about "the only dare a person should ever accept," and also gave me the idea to make the following visuals:

You can access the pdf here.

I'm going to add ribbon to make these into "medals," then use them as word prompts for the kids.  I also think I'll tape a large safety pin on the back, so the children who are helpers will get to wear the medals.  I will take some pics when I get them finished (hopefully today or tomorrow -- NOT Sunday morning), and get them posted.

This story will tie in well, too.

Happy Friday :-)

Post post:  The pics of the finished medals :-)