Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reverence Is Love / Singing a Song Is FUN

I'm a nut.  I know it, and I'm pretty sure it's obvious to others.  I spent some time putting together a flip chart for Reverence Is Love, intending to use it for Primary on Sunday, but then had my attention diverted to making these:
I got the idea here (thank you Brittney!), but for whatever reason, wanted to create my own while condensing a bit.  It left me scrambling Sunday morning to get them printed, and I still have another page I would LIKE to do, but these will do for now.  The kids loved them.  We only got through a few, so I plan to bring them back as we review songs.  I am so grateful for the brains behind the ideas I scavenge, since I have limited creativity.

Here is the link to the pdf.

And since it's all ready to go... a flip chart for  Reverence Is Love.

Post post:  In response to Kim's question (in the comments) -- for Ready, Set... Freeze! I had the child who had picked the card turn their back to the Primary, then told them to turn around (forward facing) to make us freeze.  Kind of like Red Light, Green Light.  It actually worked really well, once the kids got the hang of it, AND the pianist got the hang of it (it's funny that it was chosen last Sunday in BOTH Jr. and Sr. Primary).  She needed to be able to see the child doing the turning so she could freeze, too.  I was worried that the helper would try to turn around too many times, so I gave them some quick guidelines before we started.  The kids loved it.

For Hot and Cold, the child who picks the card gets to leave the room momentarily while I hide the card somewhere in the Primary room.  When they return, the children sing softly for "cold" (further away from the card) and louder for "hot," until the child finds the card.  Nice and simple, but fun.

Here's what we did on some of the cards chosen last Sunday:

On Eyes Wide Open we all tried not to blink... super hard!

On Sing Like the Mormon Tab, the child who chose the card got to conduct the choir.

On Go Swimming, we made sure we did all different kinds of strokes... including doggy paddle :-)

On Whistle, I had the kids that could whistle, whistle (of course), while those of us who couldn't (like me), just sang the song.  You could even have the whistling be the accompaniment, without piano...

You can really be creative with any of the cards.  The more you, the chorister, are into it, the more the kids will get into it.

Another page of Singing a Song is FUN:
For Up or Down 8:  The child who picks the card gets to choose if the Primary sings it an octave higher or an octave lower.

The thing I really like about the cards, most of them are pretty active, but the kids are still singing.  Awesome.


  1. I love these!!! Thank you so much for sharing them.

    What do you do when someone picks Ready...Set...Freeze or Hot & Cold?

  2. I would love to use these! Where do you get your photos? Do you know if any of them are copyrighted?

    1. All of my images except for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir image I found on MS Office clip art, which I believe is okay to share for non-commercial projects and documents.

    2. Thank you for letting me know! I usually take my stuff to be printed and laminated at an office store and they ask that question about the copyrights. Your stuff is really cute and you are very talented!

  3. Hello!! Do you still have the pdf's for these action cards? I love them and would love a copy!!

    1. I've lost some of my files and apparently this is one of them :( You can click on each image, then right click (or control click...?) and it will let you save the image to your computer, then you can print them out. Hopefully that helps!!