Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nursery Singing Time

About a dozen years ago, I was a Nursery worker.  We didn't have a specified Singing Time leader, so the other worker and I took turns giving the lesson or leading the singing.  Our nursery leader had put together a simple poster with a tree on it, and apples for the children to "pick" a song.  Basic Nursery songs were written on the backs of the apples, and despite the fact that we never switched it up, the kids LOVED picking the apples and singing the same songs week after week (after week, after week...).

I guess that's what inspired this tree.

To begin Singing Time, all the birds are on the left side on those velcro squares.  The babies children each take a turn choosing a bird, and we sing the song written on the back.  The kids get to put the birdie in the tree (on a corresponding white velcro square).

Note:  When I made the poster (on my daughter's used Science Fair project board), I intended to embellish it with clouds and flowers.  That didn't quite happen... yet.  I figure there is always time to add new things, once the kids are ready for something different.

Here is my current list of songs:

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (of course)
I Am Like a Star
If You Chance to Meet a Frown (I know, it's really titled Smiles)
Follow the Prophet
In the Leafy Tree Tops
Happy Family
Once There Was a Snowman/Flower
Fun to Do (of course)
Do As I'm Doing
Book of Mormon Stories
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The first week was total chaos.  The second week was heaven (seriously, the kids had apparently already caught on to our Singing "routine").  The third week was Mother's Day = Men taking over and causing mayhem.  And last week (my 4th week singing with the Nursery), we were back to square one.  Suddenly we had half a dozen children that hadn't been to Nursery since I had started singing with them, having no foreknowledge of taking turns, singing (okay... watching the Nursery leaders and me - sometimes JUST me -  sing), then applauding a job well done.  Again, I came home exhausted.  I know things will settle down, and those sweet, precious, lively, curious, wiggly nursery children will be sitting in their tiny chairs, patiently waiting their turns, and singing each song with verve.  I know it can be done.  I've witnessed it myself, firsthand.  It will just take patience.

When I was making the basic poster, I DID think ahead a bit, and made apples and Fall leaves to change things up with the seasons.  I will probably make some snowflakes for Winter, even though the green leaves will not be falling off the tree.

I love the fact that I can just leave the poster at church each week, and it's pretty much ready to go when the time for Nursery singing comes.  Easy peasy.


  1. I just found your blog, and I have a really similar poster I use in nursery! I just posted about it the other day, here's the link:

    Keep the great ideas coming!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE this idea! Is there any chance you would share the templates for the leaves/apples/etc/tree/birds etc? I would love to use it for nursery in my ward!