Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Family Is of God

For Father's Day I plan to have the children sing The Family Is of God, verses 1 and 2.  I think I will throw in another song, too, I just don't know what that will be at the moment.  I had the Senior Primary run through it last week, just to see if they could remember it from a couple years back.  The funny thing (in a coincidental kind of way) was that our Primary pianist spoke in Sacrament Meeting last week, and specifically mentioned that she had felt the Spirit so strong while playing that song for the CSMP years ago, not realizing that I had planned to have the Primary start working on it again.

I put together a flip chart (of course), including ALL verses, since I would love to have the children sing it on a regular basis.

The Family Is of God

Post post:  I had a brainstorm.  What if I had the Primary BOYS sing the last verse, changing the line, "And when I am a mom or dad..." to "And someday when I am a dad...", then have the whole Primary conclude with the chorus.  I think I'll try it :-)  No need for a second song, since this one will be more substantial with another verse.

Post post post:  I was informed by the pianist as we sang the last verse that I had inadvertently added the word "to" to "I'll help my fam'ly remember"... I have since fixed it and updated the link.  My apologies if you had already printed :-(

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  1. Thank you for the perfect flip chart for A Family is of God. I am excited to start teaching them tomorrow.