Sunday, March 4, 2012

Betty Spaghetti

The newest family member has arrived... baby sister Betty.

Initially she started out like this,

but because I'm a visual person, and this is the only color of multi-colored yarn I had,

she ended up looking like this.  To coordinate with the yarn.  I know. {OCD}

I put her on a display board (the kind you use for science fair projects), which works great because it can stand on it's own either on the floor or on a table.

I used a large eyelet for her mouth, hoping that it would create a smooth yarn-flowing action.
In my tests so far, it works amazingly well.

I thought using Command hooks on the back would be ingenious -- something for whoever was working the spaghetti yarn to wrap the excess around -- but after "testing" it, I found that it was too slow for how I plan to use it (and it makes your arm really, really tired).  It does make a good storage area for the yarn, however :-)

There are several ways I plan to use Betty.

Today I am using multi-colored yarn, and putting a plate or bowl (haven't decided quite yet) full of "spaghetti" in front of Betty.  I am going to make a key for the first few times we use her:

when she is slurping in
green or blue spaghetti, the boys sing;
pink or purple, the girls sing;
and gold, the teachers sing.

The yarn I have works well, because the colors don't alternate too quickly.  It also has shorter and fewer gold areas, which works perfectly because really, although the kids love it when their teachers have to sing on their own, the teachers don't need as much practice as the children do.

(Note:  when I tested the Command hooks, it took longer to pull in the spaghetti, making the transition from one group singing to another v-e-r-y s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t.  Spread out enough for one group to possibly finish the whole song, which is why it will work better for me just to have someone pull it through at a slightly faster pace, and leave the yarn in a pile on the table in back.  The yarn you use would probably determine if you could use the hooks or not.)

I am going to do another test run or two this morning, just to make sure the spaghetti doesn't get tangled if I put it loosely on a plate.  IF it does, I will probably wrap it into a loose ball to alleviate such a problem during Singing Time.

Another way to utilize Betty would be to wrap yarn on a dowel, have a child/teacher hold on to the ends of the dowel behind Betty, then have someone pull the yarn from her mouth as the children sing.  The child pulling the yarn would be instructed to keep pulling the yarn out the door of the Primary room and down the hall as far as they could while still hearing the Primary sing.  The chorister before me had done this idea with just the yarn, and said the kids loved it.  I would probably preface it by telling the children that singing with gusto (loudly), doesn't mean sing-yelling.  I have a VERY LARGE Primary, so I have to remind them often how to behave appropriately (we do "silent cheers and applause" for competition-style - boys v. girls - games).

I am excited to try her out, and will let you know how it goes!


  1. Cute, cute and AWESOME CUTE! I just know I am going to have to make me one sometime soon.

  2. Oh my goodness so CUTE! I just started laughing when I saw this, seriously so adorable!! I have seen the Eddie spaghetti done before but he is not even close to as sweet as this baby girl!! Love her and am so excited to make her she just makes me smile. Do you use the big project boards or the smaller ones at Wal-Mart? I NEED one of the cricket machines! And thank you so much for the Gethsemane flip chart I taught it this morning and I already had mine printed out but after seeing yours I liked some of them better and exchanged a few just minutes before we left for church. I would love to hear any ideas you are using to teach Gethsemane. Thanks again for sharing you are so fun and creative:)

  3. I want to say thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. I loved your Follow the Prophet version about Pres. Monson. This is a new calling for me and I am loving it. Thanks again. I have been teaching our primary children the Article of Faith songs - if you have any ideas I would love to know. Thanks again.

  4. LOVE this cute idea <3 Do you happen to have your visuals in a printable format that you can share?