Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Schedule

So...  I should have done this a few months back, but I was too caught up in holidays and weddings.  A few weeks ago I finally had some time to thoughtfully think through the upcoming Singing Time year and make a plan.  Woot! Woot!  I know there are other plans out there, but this style works the best for me.  I share primarily so you can have the idea, then, should this style of schedule work for you (and IF you haven't already made a schedule... am I the only one who doesn't have her act together in January? or February?), you can make yours to suit the needs of your Primary.

2012 Singing Time Schedule

Now for the glitch.  The week after I had made my nifty schedule, our ward was split into two.  This is always great news because it means the Church is growing!  In the 10 years I have lived here in Colorado, we've gone through 2 ward splits, and 2 (two!) Stake splits.  It's awesome.  But with a split comes some challenges.  I am part of the "new" ward.  My husband was called as the Bishop.  This week is Spring Break.  Next week is General Conference.  What does all this mean??  It means that it's going to be a while before our ward is fully staffed and functioning.  It also means that my Singing Time schedule had to be put on hold, since the ward split last week (+ 3 convert confirmations AND a missionary farewell!!) made our Sacrament Meeting go over on time, forcing adjustments to the rest of the meetings, and necessitating some last minute subs since the Primary pianist and I needed to be in attendance as our husbands were ordained/set apart.  I was available for the shortened Singing Time in Sr. Primary (less than 10 minutes), and felt that the best thing to do was to sing what we already knew, since introducing a new song might be confusing (even a waste of time??) since a good half of the children would NOT be in my ward, and would have a new chorister in the next few weeks.  It's a lot to take in.

Anyway, the schedule is easily adjusted at any time.  I was called to be the Primary chorister in our new ward, and am excited for the changes and challenges ahead.  It will be good to have fewer numbers (we won't need to have children literally from edge to edge of the Primary room, with very limited space up front for visuals and helpers), and it will be sad to have fewer numbers (I will miss the kids in the other ward AND the thrill and volume of so many voices).

Change is good.  Growth is good.
"In the end, everything will be good.  So if it's not all good, it's not the end."
(A favorite quote from a Stake RS Conference years back.  Love it.)

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