Friday, January 13, 2012

As a Child of God

One wedding down (actually, TWO -- my nephew's wedding was January 7th in Utah, and I spent a few days helping my sister pull it off), one to go.  My daughter will be getting married in Utah also, so in two short weeks, I will be there with one week to get it all together.  The following weekend we will have an open house here in CO...  my husband has his "big" stake event - a New Member Reception - this Sunday...  I'm giving a bridal shower for a sweet girl I consider family next weekend... my sophomore daughter is in the middle of her high school swim season (and will be competing at the State competition the weekend of the open house, of course)... and I just took my Christmas stuff down two days ago.  In little gaps of time here and there, I have frantically thought about what to do for Singing Time!

Since my son's wedding was a few short days before New Years, we just had a fun review that week.  I brought a variety of party hats with song titles inside.  Most of the songs were ones that we had only sung a few times, so it was nice to review.  I chose a helper from our choosing sticks, and that child picked a party hat.  IF the kids could sing the selected song AMAZINGLY (I had flip charts to help), that child's teacher would "get" to wear the party hat for the rest of Singing/Sharing Time (I know the teachers probably hate when I do this, but they are all really good sports).
(Doesn't this fine brother look thrilled?  But look at those kids singing AMAZINGLY!  He had to put the hat on mohawk-style because it wouldn't stay on his head ear-to-ear.  The kids thought it was awesome.  And a big thank you to my front-row-i-phone-picture-taking teacher...)

Since I was gone last week, my wonderful go-to gal filled in.  I'm sure it was a good time, since, as a Kindergarten teacher, she is a pro with kids.  (Ooooo, that first week with those new Sunbeams was really {cRaZy}... luckily I remembered to give my sub fair warning!)

This week I plan to dig into the song As a Child of God.  I've listened to it over and over, trying to get it set in my own head before having to teach it :-)  I haven't completely thought through how to add an element of interest/fun (I'll be checking out some other bloggers for help), but I managed to put together a flip chart.

As a Child of God

Note:  If you have trouble opening it, or if the font comes out {funny}, please let me know.  I am a novice.  My sister said that sometimes even pdf documents won't transfer to different computers in their original intended format -- that sometimes fonts get jumbled.  Since I only use one computer, I can't test it myself :-)

Happy singing!


  1. Thanks for the flip chart. I'm going the scrap the one I was using, because I love yours!

  2. Thanks for your ideas. Just finished going over all your posts. Lots of great flipcharts, and super ideas. Thank you for sharing. I have some ?s. Is there somewhere I could email you? I'm wondering about the size of some of your visuals(triplets, Elmer). I also love the idea of creating a file box for future choristers. Do you have your own laminator? Are the circles on the bell chart hand-drawn or stickers? Thanks. -Sarah

  3. Sarah,
    I have answers! My email is; most of my larger visuals are regular poster-size: the triplet poster is 2'x3' -- I believe the chorister before me who made the original just used a piece of cardboard she had on hand, possibly even from a box. Elmer is 22"x28" - on a lighter poster board that was laminated. I didn't make either one :-0, but have benefitted from the skills of others. I do have my own laminator -- I purchased it about 5 years ago at Sam's Club and have used it like CRAZY. I purchase the laminating sheets at Sam's Club also- you can get 200 sheets for $20 - which lasts for a LONG time, even if you are a heavy-duty laminating crazy woman like myself :-) I made the circles on the bell chart with a circle punch -- and then I used double stick tape to tape them to the board.