Thursday, December 15, 2011

He Sent His Son + Simplified Primary Stumping

A couple of weeks ago, our new Primary President asked me if we could sing He Sent His Son for Sharing Time.  "Of course," I told her.  Because I wasn't the chorister last Easter (and I tend to consider that song to be Easter-ish, although it's an excellent Christmas song, too), I thought I had better cover my bases and make a flip chart -- you can access it by clicking the link:

He Sent His Son

We didn't get around to singing it since our Sacrament Meeting went {WAY} over, but I know it will come in handy when Easter rolls around.  I feel so on the ball.  For Easter, not for Christmas.

Christmas singing has gone okay.  Just okay.  With a new presidency adjusting to the rigors of the crazy Primary schedule, I haven't had much Singing Time.  The past couple weeks I took a basket of items that represented the different Christmas songs we've been learning/singing.

Picture - Picture a Christmas
Manger ornament - Away in a Manger
Tool - When Joseph Went to Bethlehem
Star - There Was Starlight
Bell - Christmas Bells
Blanket - That Night in the Stable
Gift - Fairest Little Jesus

I'll admit it, initially I threw the basket together in desperation for SOMETHING remotely "fun."  And, like I said, I've used it for two weeks now.  This Sunday I am going to play Stump the Primary -- a simplified Christmas version.  I'm going to take some fun/crazy Christmas-y dress-up items, and as a helper chooses something from the basket, he/she will need to remember what song it represents.  (I dropped a few hints last week that it would be beneficial to pay attention to what item goes with what song.)  IF they cannot guess the right song (in Senior Primary they will have to give the line of the song the item represents -- just to make it somewhat tricky), they will have to choose one of my dress-up items to wear (or for their teacher to wear -- I haven't decided yet).  IF they can guess the correct song (or line), they can choose an item for ME to wear.  Last time we played this, I ended up wearing quite a get-up, and the kids thought it was hilarious. Hopefully this week will be equally as successful.  Honestly, it's about all I have time for as those weddings creep up on me (the first is only two weeks away).  Oh my.

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