Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fairest Little Jesus Child

I was going to try and figure out the handbells for the song Christmas Bells... but realized that it has a sharp.  I glanced through the Children's Songbook to find a Christmas song that would fit, and found the perfect song (no sharps or flats, fairly short, just a touch of harmony):  Little Jesus

I used the side flaps of the display board I cut off back here.  I thought about taping them together, but think I will keep them separate, so more children can be "helpers."  I plan to have two helpers up front to hold the boards, and 8 children in back to play the bells.  I'm sure it will take some practice, but I think it's going to sound beautiful, even if the Sunbeams are ringing the bells ;-)


  1. Fabulous blog!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing all of your stuff!

  2. thank you for this. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. So beautiful in its simplicity.

  3. My bells are different colors 8 could you let me know what the letter is that goes with this. I love it and want to do it this coming Sunday. I have 2 red, orange, yellow. green, 2 shades of blue and purple. They do have letters on the top! Thank you.