Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Am Glad for Many Things!

I haven't posted much the past month (okay -- not at all), mainly due to program practice, performance, and celebration, AND the fact that I have been very involved in the details of two (2!) weddings ~ my two eldest children, a son and a daughter, both got engaged this past month.  One wedding is on December 29th, and one is on February 4th (pending a possible last minute date change, however very unlikely).

I couldn't be more happy about my two new in-laws-to-be, but those wedding details can be overwhelming!  I hope to hold it all together, and not let my church calling slack.  I may, however, not have much time to post about what I'm doing in Primary...

I'm taking time today, though.

I truly appreciate the invaluable resources that follow bloggers provide!  I love some of the ideas I found here, and plan to use several of them the next few weeks for Singing Time.  I am going to focus on Thanksgiving songs, and possibly even start practicing for Christmas.  This season only comes once a year, and I want to take full advantage of sharing the spirit of the season with the children through music.

I also put together a flip chart this morning for Can a Little Child like Me? I'm not sure what songs the children in my Primary already know, since I have only been in the calling for about 6 months, but I figure that they could use a refresher regardless.  I had a sub last week while I was wedding-planning with my daughter in Utah, and she was comfortable just winging it, so I am guessing that they just did some random fun things.  We also got a new Primary Presidency last week, so that might make for some overall readjustments in expectations and schedules.  I just want to be prepared for whatever comes my way.

You can access the link to the pdf document here.

I am glad for many things!

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